Minstrosity (1998-2006)

John and Wendy have formed a new band, Merry Measure,
with Fred Lauritzen (whistle/recorders) joining them.
Their website and mailing list are active and will be your best source of information on the band.
I will note here that they have released their first CD, Faire Warning, available from them or at their website.

John has also released his solo CD, Simply Entitled. You can order from here by PayPal.

Josie and her wife Nancy are now living in the Kansas City area, still seeking employment.
Josie is also starting college at Johnson County Community College, where she is taking classes for a double AA, the first
as a Paralegal and the other in Liberal Arts, with an eye toward staying in music, both as a performer and a recording engineer.

minstrosity.com will remain active, and CDs can still be ordered though the website or on CDBaby.com, or directly from any of us.

We hope to have your continued support and encouragement as we move forward in our various endeavors.

Let us drink and be merry, all grief to refrain
For we may or might never all meet here again.

Josephine Thane
Wendy Zdrodowski
John C Wiseman

Left to right: Wendy Zdrodowski, Josephine Marie Thane, John C. Wiseman
Photo by Lord Domenico Diodato, 2002

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